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Hear what our customers have to say

"Krusen2U was awesome. I had an idea of what I wanted, and they brought it right to my driveway with all the paperwork ready. They let me test drive it and make sure it was what I wanted, and took my trade when they left."

Kim Pichetti

"I was looking for a very specific car. Krusen2U found it, and it was the middle of winter, but they loaded it in an enclosed trailer and showed up in my driveway. I gave them a check, they unloaded it and loaded my trade, and away they went."

John Donlon

"I sent them a message on which vehicle I wanted and what kind of trading. They brought me the vehicle and then took mine. We did all of the paperwork through the mail and it was quick and easy! Highly recommend Krusen2U."

Kevin Johnson

"I upgraded Yukon’s every 3 years, they found the one I wanted, and drove it up to me with all of the paperwork. They took my old one and a check. It was great."

Bill Hilliard

"Krusen2U was awesome. I had a Terrain delivered for my wife as well as a new Sierra HD for myself. They make it so easy and quick. So much for the salesman back and forth stuff."

Mike Jones